The Merchant of Copan [In English and Spanish]

English Form

The Trader of Copan

[480 AD]

Advance: The ballgame at the Honduras patio in Copan, it was 480 Promotion, Copan’s third ruler, Mat Head, whom succeeded Quetzal Macaw, whom was the organizer behind the city is currently the new ruler. Mat Head, was a female, the companion of Quetzal Macaw, and here is where the story starts.

There was a primary ballgame prepared to begin, the opposition was very high, as expected you could say; that being, in the event that the become a credit card processor  was not played the world would end, so they accepted, thus no matter what it was to occur.

The rival group had eleven players, all elaborately dressed and painted for the opposition. They had cowhide cushioning around their midriffs, over their shoulders, about their arms and legs; ready to endure the blows of the strong elastic ball. The heaviness of the ball was one kilo. The ball was currently tossed into the play, and every player realized they couldn’t allow it to contact the ground or their hands.

Mat Head was watching the game with power, realizing her sister was essential for a bet of which, in the event that the rival group won, she’d [she be: her sister] the property of a neighborhood trader, an extremely well off shipper, the richest dealer in the Copan Valley; she would be all his property, to do with however he wanted; on the off chance that the vendor lost, he would lose every one of his properties to the brother by marriage, wealth, and be evaporated from the city of 27,000-inhabidents, Copan; maybe to the Yucatan. It was normal for such bets; it was deadlier than the presentations at the Roman Stadium, in Italy. That being, the washouts of this game would relinquish their heads.

Yet, the Trader of Copan, as I have said, was extremely rich to such an extent, he gave rock, lime, and earthenware to the first class of the city, the entire city and somewhere around there. What’s more, the Brother by marriage of Mat Head was hitched to her sister, the most lovely young lady in Copan.

The Trader of Copan, had watched her at various past games, and would never take his eyes off her magnificence, her shape, and longed for her with eyes like a falcon’s. As far as he might be concerned, it merited the opportunity to wager on the game, win big or bust; he didn’t have the foggiest idea the amount Mat Head’s brother by marriage minded or could have done without his significant other, yet he realized he was voracious, and made the bet in any case and he acknowledged it; in this way, his senses were right; for he couldn’t longer endure the consuming aggravation he had within him watching her stroll among the sanctuaries of Copan, and wishing she had a place with him, at any cost, and an eager soul will do most anything to hinder that craving.

–The ballgame had begun, as I had proactively said, and the ball was in the air; a portion of the players were kicking their feet, and pushing their hips, as they thumped the ball to and fro, in the I-formed field, 25-meters in length, 10-meters wide; every one of the players not maintaining that the ball should contact the ground, which would end the game, and eleven-heads would be cut off.

Out of nowhere the game stopped…a quiet grabbed hold of everybody, eyes were being closed by eleven players; goodness it was something extraordinary to bite the dust, to be forfeited for the game, yet then again, it would have been exceptional to need to do it sometime in the not too distant future, I’m certain the vast majority of the players had that impression.

The onlookers took in a full breath to see who won and lost. History wouldn’t incline toward the brother by marriage today, sad for his significant other no doubt. Indeed, indeed, fate looked favorably upon the Vendor of Copan; I’m certain my perusers are currently discouraged on this yet it is as it is what I can say.

Subsequently, the fortunate fella snatched her like a wild monkey getting a banana no longer any of the feeder’s concern, and hurried her to his residence. He tossed her on the bed like a creature pelt, his eyes started with desire and enthusiasm, and he liquefied into her body like intensity on ice; regardless, she was harmed past all understandings.

‘How is it that he could do this?’ she groaned as this fat, terrible and unbending man jumping on her. However she told herself, basically he needed her. He was able to give all his cash for her; while, her significant other sold her for a game ticket, and a bet. It was past her young understanding.

Quite a long while passed, and the fat old shipper got fatter and more established, however other than being over lewd over her, he was a decent supplier, and gave her all she wanted. She turned out to be notable as a financial specialist, and at his 67-birthday, he passed on the bed, as I guess he wanted it to be. Thusly, she was currently the inheritor of the homes he once own, for there were no youngsters included.

She then, at that point, made an arrangement with her ex, realizing he jumped at the chance to bet, and needed cash. She made a similar bet, well very nearly, a comparative sort of wagered in any case with him, as the Dealer of Copan had done previously; she bet every one of her properties on the following game, that her group would win, and would it be a good idea for him he lose, her ex, he’d need to surrender his head, similar to the horrible group needed to. Indeed, he believed he could win her back would it be a good idea for him he lose the bet or win, and in this way, took his risks and made the bet. However, once more, life didn’t incline toward him, he was not intended to be a player without a doubt, and in the wake of losing he implored her for his life, to take him back, saying fundamentally, the two of them could partake in the wealth she gained, and their old situation in the realm.

Gracious golly, she was such a guardian, and let him know she’d return home and consider it and decide tomorrow. Indeed, he felt that was fine, essentially it appeared to be preferable over losing his head today, and simply the reality she was contemplating it was sufficient to edify him, feeling he would have the last triumph, and that was the one that counted, he’d have her covered and the fortunes, how could he possibly want anything more.

However, as I had told you previously, destiny was not generally in his pocket, that evening the ruler, Mat Head, requested the top of her Brother by marriage, being he had lost the bet. He asked for her to sit tight for her sister tomorrow and she’d reinforce everything out, except she said:

“A bet is a bet…and it should be paid.”

Can’t recall what else she said however his head was off inside a heartbeat.

Upon Mat Head’s sister’s return the next morning, she requested her ex, and figured out by her sister, the Mat Head, she had decapitated him. She cried a tear, an exceptionally enormous tear, and afterward grinned at Mat Head.

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Spanish Form

Versión en Español

El Mercader de Copan

[480 Después de Cristo]

Avance: Juego de pelota en el porch de Copan en Honduras, el año time 480 después de Cristo, el 3er gobernador de Copan period Mat Head, quien sucedió a Quetzal Macaw, quien fue el fundador de la ciudad ahora el nuevo gobernador. Mat Head, time una mujer, la esposa de Quetzal Macaw, y aquí es donde la historia comienza.

Había un juego de pelota head listo a comenzar, esta competencia time extremadamente interesante, como siempre podrías decir; esto es, si el juego no period llevado a cabo, el mundo se terminaría, o eso time lo que ellos pensaban, y entonces lloviera o soleara éste debía jugarse.

El equipo contrario tenía once jugadores, tasks adornadamente vestidos y pintados listos para la competencia. Ellos usaban algo acolchado hecho de cuero alrededor de sus cinturas, sus hombros, sus brazos y piernas; que les permitiría soportar los golpes de la pelota de caucho sólido. La pelota pesaba un kilo. La pelota ahora fue lanzada en el juego, y cada jugador sabía que no podían dejar que ésta tocara tierra o sus manos.

Mat Head miraba el juego con intensidad, sabiendo que su hermana time parte de una apuesta en el cual si el equipo contrario ganaba, ella (su hermana) pasaría a ser propiedad de un comerciante nearby, un comerciante muy rico, el comerciante más rico en task el Valle de Copan; ella pertenecería a él para hacer lo que a él le antojara. Pero si el equipo contrario perdía el comerciante perdería todas sus propiedades, que pasarían a manos de su cuñado, sus riquezas, y sería expulsado de la ciudad de 27,000 habitantes, Copan; quizás a Yucatán. Esto no time raro en esta clase de apuestas; esto period más mortal que las exposiciones en el Coliseo romano, en Italia. Esto time, los perdedores de este juego perderían sus cabezas.

Pero el Comerciante de Copan, como ya lo había dicho, time muy rico tanto que él proporcionó sílex, cal, y cerámica a la tip top de la ciudad, a la ciudad entera y sus alrededores. Y el cuñado de Mat Head estaba casado con su hermana, la joven más hermosa en Copan.

El Comerciante de Copan, la había mirado en un número de juegos anteriores, y nunca podía sacar sus ojos de su belleza, su forma, y lujuriaba detrás de ella con ojos como de halcones. Para él, period valiosa la posibilidad de apostar en el juego, task o nothing; él no sabía cuánot el Cuñado de Mat Head se preocupaba o no se preocupaba por su esposa, pero él sabía que él time insaciable, e hizo la apuesta sin ban y él la aceptó; así, sus instintos eran correctos; por que él no podía soportar más el dolor ardiente que sentía dentro de si mismo al mirarla caminar entre los templos de Copan, y deseando que ella le perteneciera, a cualquier precio, y un alma hambrienta hará algo más para impedir aquella hambre.

— El juego de pelota había comenzado, como ya lo dije, y la pelota estaba en el aire; algunos jugadores estaban pateando, y empujando sus caderas, mientras ellos golpeaban la pelota hacia adelante y hacia atrás, en el campo de forma de “I”, de 25 metros de largo, 10 metros de ancho; tasks los jugadores queriendo que la pelota no tocara el suelo, el cual terminaría éste, y once cabezas serían cortadas.

De repente el juego se detuvo…un silencio se apoderó de cada uno, los once jugadores cerraban sus ojos; ah! period una gran cosa morir, ser sacrificado por el juego, pero por otra parte, habría sido mejor tener que morir más adelante, la mayoría de los jugadores sintieron de esta forma, estoy seguro.

Los espectadores respiraron profundamente para ver quién ganó y quién perdió. La historia no favorecería al cuñado hoy, lamentablemente para

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